Here are the Top 10 Wisest characters in Motu Patlu. (This list is based on opinion, please don't get angry but feel free to express your own thoughts)

Warning! This list only consists of Main or Minor Recurring characters.

11.(Runner up) Number 2

Wisdom 10%

A dumb fellow, he just follows the plans designed by his boss John.

10. Number 1

Wisdom 15%

The wiser one of Jon's goons, he helps him in his plans. He even warns John of the consequences they have to face when he plans to execute his plans against Motu and Patlu.

9. Inspector Chingum

Wisdom 25%

He is a decently wise policeman who helps in plans sometimes. He however is be-fooled sometimes with false evidence and thinks very highly of himself, causing him to sometimes be defeated.

8. Motu

Wisdom 30%

Strong as he is, wisdom is not Motu's quality. He is be-fooled easily.

7. Boxer

Wisdom 35%

He is fairly intelligent but be-fooled sometimes.

6. Bubblegum

Wisdom 40%

He is a respected commissioner and senior officer.

5. Chaiwala

Wisdom 50%

He is a clever man. He once be-fooled Motu, Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram.

4. Ghasitaram

Wisdom 60%

He is a clever man that can be-fool many. However he is a scaredy cat.

3. Dr. Jhatka

Wisdom 75%

He is highly intelligent as he invents new gadgets. He can also figure out other gadgets and make antidotes.

2. John, The Don

Wisdom 90%

John is a master planner. With his plans he can be-fool many including Motu, Jhatka and Ghasitaram.

1. Patlu

Wisdom 99%

He is the wisest man in all of Furfuri Nagar. He figures out and foils the plans of many bad people includiing John's gang. If it were not for Patlu, many of John's plans would be successful.