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Hello, and welcome to the Motu Patlu Wiki. This wiki aims to cover any and all information about or relating to the Indian kids show Motu Patlu. We deeply appereciate your contribution to the wiki, if you make one. Please, enjoy your time here.


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Hi! This is Woh0. I work constantly for the Motu Patlu Wiki. I'm a YouTuber, and I'm a Content Moderator and a Discussions Moderator in this Wiki. If anything is wrong, we will definitely go for help. If anyone is not following the rules in Motu Patlu Wiki, we will ban them immediately!

If you want to PM me or have a request or problem, please go to my Twitter page, or email me at

My favorite pages

My Autobiography

I'm saying my autobiography because in the episode Lie Detector Robot, John said to Chingum it was his story or autobiography.

Hi! I'm Woh0. Just call me Dev. I like making YouTube videos, and I like playing video games like Roblox you know. I like working here at Motu Patlu Wiki. Since the day I've joined this website, I was getting addicted to adding new content that are related to Motu Patlu. I work here as a Discussions Moderator, Thread Moderator, and Content Moderator. I have made a lot of progress during the time I've been working here.

My New Stuff

1st Annual Leadership Skills!

Guddu The Great

My Favorite People



What I Want To Say

I just want to say to Nilraat, Meeta gautam, and Wolfie137, thank you all for making me part of one of the six admins. I just want to thank you all guys. You really made me part of this home. I'm so happy and excited and this is making me addicted since Day 1 over here. Thank you guys so much.

I really made a ton of progress, and I made a lot of new friends on this site during the time/span of me over here. You guys really made my day.


These are my new plans/goals on this wiki.

  1. I plan to start Leadership Skills! soon.
  2. I need to have more fame on this wiki by next month or so.
  3. To be Number 1 in the leaderboard of this wiki. Nilraat is Number 1 on leaderboard, so I decide to surpass him.
  4. Make more friends over here.
  5. Make more articles and edit more, and add more categories.
  6. Make more and better discussion posts.
  7. To just chill and be cool.