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Hello, and welcome to the Motu Patlu Wiki. This wiki aims to cover any and all information about or relating to the Indian kids show Motu Patlu. We deeply appereciate your contribution to the wiki, if you make one. Please, enjoy your time here.


Motu Patlu Wiki

Vandalism in the Motu Patlu Wiki can be defined as an intentional placement of spam, or obvious false information within any of the pages of the wiki. Vandals can often vandalize one select page, or many pages before they get caught. Due to previous cases of outrageous vandalism, the Motu Patlu Wiki has little to no tolerance for vandals.

Less Severe Vandalism

Admins are encouraged to assume good faith for users that may have inserted a small amount of not so outrageous vandalism. Giving the user that inserted said false information a warning explaining why what they did was wrong will suffice. If said vandalism continues, just blocking the user is a good idea.

Severe Vandalism

Severe Vandalism can be defined as the vandalism of an entire page/section of a page, or just a small edit with really outrageous statements, or even just widespread vandalism on multiple pages, big or small. Examples of severe vandalism can be found below. Users who vandalize a page severely will often end up being blocked for a long period of time (10 years or above) or indefinitely. Their userpages are usually protected indefinitely as well. While giving them a warning is acceptable, it is usually best to immediately block them.

Blocked Users

Any users that were blocked due to vandalism will be given a message telling them that they were blocked. Their userpage will contain the template below.

Chingum Image for New Template.png Sorry! The user you are currently looking for is blocked until (or) indefinetly/long period of time because of their violation of the rules of the Motu Patlu Wiki. This user will therefore not be able to edit this wiki until the block is lifted. Please see the Rules and Regulations of the Motu Patlu Wiki.

Additionally, the blocked user's userpage will be protected.

Examples of Block-Worthy Vandalism

Warning: Vulgar words and the names of terrorists and infamous dictators can be found in these examples.

This is a block-worthy edit because it makes the outrageous claim that Dr. Jhatka is friends with these terrible people. However, while the claim about age and Dr. Jhatka's goal in life is considered as vandalism, it is not instant-block-worthy.

This is a block-worthy edit because it not only demands the reader to give the vandal their credit card number, it also calls the reader a slur. No user should have to be intimidated in this wiki.

This is block worthy because this edit was clearly not done in good faith, and because this character probably doesn't know our mothers.

This is not only spamming "Samosas.Eating" on almost every section of the infobox, it makes outrageous claims about Motu's health and occupation.