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Note: This page covers the product as it appears on Motu Patlu.

Yellow Diamond Rings is a brand of chips. It makes its first appearance in Athwa Ajooba as an advertisement. It has appeared in many more episodes.

Role in Episode

Athwa Ajooba

Motu, Patlu, Dr. Jhatka, and Ghasitaram are watching a show. Motu gets hungry and asks Patlu if there is anything to eat. Patlu finds no samosas but finds some yellow diamond rings. He informs this to Motu and then utters the catchphrase for the brand, "Play and Eat". Motu is excited to eat the chips. Ghasitaram, mistaking the chips for actual yellow diamond rings, states that diamond rings are not be eaten, but worn. Patlu brings the chips over and Motu tells Ghasitaram that the yellow diamond rings aren't actually diamond rings, but chips.

Motu begins to eat the chips and then finds a toy. Everyone starts to eat the yellow diamond rings, even fighting over them. Ghasitaram fails to get any of the chips and cries. Patlu tells Ghasitaram not to cry, and gives everyone more yellow diamond rings. Dr. Jhatka states that if they are having so much fun with the toys than kids would have even more fun.


  • The Yellow Diamond Rings appear as an advertisement in Motu Patlu, following a deal with Nick India and the brand.